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ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY is a doujin group formed since 2002. Most of their releases are sold during the Comiket. The group is lead by 中恵光城 (Mitsuki Nakae) or simply みつき (Mitsuki).

ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY’s first 4 albums were voice dramas. However, on the release of their fifth album, 季ノ唄 (Ki no Uta, Song of Seasons), their songs became “Japanese themed”, with influences from Japanese tradicional songs.
Besides the Japanese-styled albums, they also have so far two albums which tell a story – 機械仕掛浪漫-Automatic Roman- (Mechanical Romance; which tells of a girl driven by curiosity to follow a foreigner in Great Britain) and Arco-Iris (which tells the tale of a girl named Iris, which is the hope of humanity).

Mitsuki also sings on Resonance and Resonare, and ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY already had a live concert, together with other 2 doujin circles on ALBINO (March 2009). They have also joined Ryouki for the tribute album はるひぐらし (Haruhigurashi), where they covered 6 songs from both Haruhi Suzumiya and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.