Post Guidelines

This page helps anyone to create new post on OtakuSync with easy, step-by-step image instructions.


We have all the elements needed to build your content which looks beautiful on all devices, and everything can be done without losing your productivity flow.

But before we proceed, here's a quick refresher about what we pointed in the FAQ before:

  • Don't create a Doujin post that already exists.
  • We DO NOT ALLOW ANY EXPLICIT/R-18+ works on our site.

Other than those? make sure you follow our Terms of Use. That's it, let's dive in!

The Title

Firstly, let's think about a title for the post to ensure that it'll give a brief and helpful info about the Doujin to all visitors.

On OtakuSync, all we have to do is apply our recipe: Producer - Title. and remember to use modern English alphabet (A-Z, a-z, 0-9) for this part.

Here are some examples to help you get started:

  • FELT - Rebirth Story III
  • Amateras Records x Alstroemeria Records - PASS -THE CRITICAL POINT-
  • Yonder Voice - Resting With the Otherworldy Cherry Blossom
  • Forestpireo - Toho Yumemizuki

The Categories

Of course, we divide all of our posts into sections using categories. This is necessary to help our visitors easily find what they're looking for.

There are different indie types to share with, pick the most appropriate categories for your post.

The Tags

It will help you boost your post's views by adding tags related to the Doujin.

Every tags on OtakuSync are using lowercase, modern English alphabet.

If several tags you needed seems unavailable, don't be panic as we'll include it after we reviewed your post.

Event Tags

For any event-related tags, we have our own regulations for it.

  • For Comiket, we shorten the tags to "c". Eg: c89, c91, c95
  • For Reitaisai, we shorten the tags to "rts". Eg: rtssp, rts8, rts9, rts13
  • For Autumn Reitaisai, we shorten the tags to "autumnrts". Eg: autumnrts2, autumnrts4, autumnrts1
  • For Music Media Market, we shorten the tags to "m3-". Eg: m3-31, m3-41, m3-33
  • For Meikaisai, we shorten the tags to "mks". Eg: mks12
  • For Touhou Kouroumu, we shorten the tags to "krm". Eg: krm7, krm12, krm13
  • For Daikyuushuu Touhousai, we shorten the tags to "dai9-". Eg: dai9-9, dai9-30, dai9-34
  • For The Voc@loid M@ster, we shorten the tags to "tvm". Eg: tvm33, tvm27
  • For APOLLO, it remain the same but lowercase letters "apollo". Eg: apollo1, apollo2
  • For Redditaisai, it remain the same but lowercase letters "redditaisai". Eg: redditaisai2016, redditaisai2018
  • For Comic Frontier, we shorten the tags to "cf". Eg: cfx, cf11
  • For online events other than those listed above, use "web-release" tag.
  • For any other event releases, please use "other" tag.

"DMCA" Tag

But what would you do if you're a publisher who wants to restrict Download and Stream locations/links from displaying on your post? or let's say someone reported your post by sending an infringement notice to you.. If you had done it with other sites, at this stage you might be pulling your hair, revisiting all of those posts, and doubling up the works.

Instead, this is what you do:

  • Step 1, put "dmca" tag within your post.
  • Step 2, that's it!

The Featured Image

If we're talking about a post here, you'd probably agree that images are the most eye-catching elements in a website for promoting your post, right?

So, what can we do in OtakuSync? Similar to regular uploading process, select a image from your device and we will automatically feature it upon you submitted the post. A simple, straightforward process.

The Contents: Introduction

We use a separable component for building our content, and its component's data varies depending on the type of your post. But don't break a sweat yet! our components are easy to implement and a pleasure to maintain. Once you learned our post guidelines, you will see that these are all nearly the same format.

Note that you are free to add what you really want!

The Contents: PostMeta

PostMeta is a required component to display some basic information about the post. Helpful to show the information needed right away.

The Contents: PostDescription

With OtakuSync, you can add a description for your shared indie works. It doesn't matter how good your indie is if no one knows what it is, right? because clarity always wins out.

Just like regular WordPress websites, you can add embed attachments to your post. All you need to do is wrap those attachments with "[embed]" and "[/embed]".

The Contents: PostList

This component is most commonly used by our community to provide several lists in their posts.

The best part with it is that, you can add more additional information for every list's items.

Social Media Integration

Announce your post by automatically sharing your content directly from OtakuSync. We limit each post announcement once for every 30 days to avoid spam.

Understanding the Results

If you've read up to here, well done! Ready to see how OtakuSync compiles your contents?

Note that how informative your post depends on how reliable your contents are. It might be simpler by skipping some of our post requirements, but your post might lack additional information. But by now you know I'm not recommending this, right? But remember, more content = more views.

For regular members, we will check all of your submitted posts. Depends on our free-time, it usually takes 2-24 hours for approval.

Oh, by the way—if you have several troubles with our guidelines, we'd love to provide assistance for you! Feel free to contact us.