R-note – Touhou M-1 Grand Prix EX – Hakurei Shrine Manzai Summer Festival!

東方M-1ぐらんぷりEX 博麗神社漫才夏祭り!

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Series of CD/DVDs released by R-note (formerly YELLOW ZEBRA) wherein the characters from Touhou perform animated manzai skits. The project is built around a mock manzai tournament, also hosted and judged by the characters from the series.

This edition is an extra episode and not an actual grand prix, there is no judge and no (real) prize to win. Most of the skits are remakes of previous skits featured in the series.


  • OpeningReimu Hakurei, Suika Ibuki
  • TewiReisen (てゐレーセン)Tewi Inaba and Reisen Udongein Inaba
  • Yakumo Chen (八雲橙)Chen and Ran Yakumo
  • Jealousy Star (ジェラシースター)Parsee Mizuhashi and Yuugi Hoshiguma
  • Autumn Leaves (オータムリーブス)Minoriko Aki and Shizuha Aki
  • Mystery Parasol (ミステリーパラソル)Kogasa Tatara and Nue Houjuu
  • Myourensen (命蓮船)Byakuren Hijiri and Minamitsu Murasa
  • Spin Kappa (スピンカッパー)Nitori Kawashiro and Hina Kagiyama
  • Ending + CreditsParticipation prize: Shaved ice from Cirno’s booth.

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YoutubeRAW Mp4 – 480p / 720p

Xi Yao Zhang@Youtube

YoutubePart 1 : Opening + TewiReisen (.srt English softsub)

YoutubePart 2 : Yakumo Chen (.srt English softsub)

YoutubePart 3 : Jealousy Star (.srt English softsub)

YoutubePart 4 : Autumn Leaves (.srt English softsub)

YoutubePart 5 : Mystery Parasol (.srt English softsub)

YoutubePart 6 : Myourensen (.srt English softsub)

YoutubePart 7 : Spin Kappa (.srt English softsub)

YoutubePart 8 : Ending + Credits (.srt English softsub)


YoutubePart 1 : Opening + TewiReisen (.srt Espanol softsub)

YoutubePart 2 : Yakumo Chen (.srt Espanol softsub)

YoutubePart 3 : Jealousy Star (.srt Espanol softsub)

YoutubePart 4 : Autumn Leaves (.srt Espanol softsub)

YoutubePart 5 : Mystery Parasol (.srt Espanol softsub)

YoutubePart 6 : Myourensen (.srt Espanol softsub)

YoutubePart 7 : Spin Kappa (.srt Espanol softsub)

YoutubePart 8 : Ending + Credits (.srt Espanol softsub)

Erika-chan Sub@Youtube

YoutubePart 1 : TewiReisen (Indonesia hardsub)

YoutubePart 2 : Yakumo Chen (Indonesia hardsub)

YoutubePart 3 : Jealousy Star (Indonesia hardsub)

YoutubePart 4 : Autumn Leaves (Indonesia hardsub)

YoutubePart 5 : Mystery Parasol (Indonesia hardsub)

YoutubePart 6 : Myourensen (Indonesia hardsub)

YoutubePart 7 : Spin Kappa (Indonesia hardsub)

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