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Touhou – Wandering Souls

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Touhou – Wandering Souls

This is by far my favorite Touhou game, if you’re into hardcore gaming, this one is for you. Wandering Souls is a Touhou project fan-game made by Estheone, it easily surpass Scarlet Curiosity*. (Personal opinion, actual enjoyment may vary)
* Another game that I like

First Impressions

It had everything to go wrong, ripped graphics (Donkey Country Series, Maple Story and other Touhou fighting installments) and music (also, multiple series but only original Touhou music was used) of multiple games, besides that, it was made on RPG Maker VX (yeah, you heard right). Man… (or girl), I couldn’t be so wrong in my entire life…

What I Got

A masterpiece*, none less. It’s about 30+ hours of solid gameplay (although I have 90+ hour, teehee… (´꒳`;)).
* Opinions may vary.

Why I Recommend

Good controls, the need to have good reflexes for dodging, button mashing won’t cut it out here, you’ll die for sure, thinking already and exploiting enemy weakness, also characters, equipment and abilities management play a huge part on this game. Finally, play on lunatic, it’s way better and more balanced as you get used to it. (and for completionists, getting 100% awards the player an exclusive item)

Interesting Facts

Strangely enough, this game won some awards on a french competition for indie titles:

The Best Game – (3rd)
Gameplay – (1st)
Programming – (1st)
Graphics – (2nd)

Although, has I said, most of the graphics were taken from other games, the only exceptions are the HUD, fonts and effects.

Wrapping Up

I understand that it’s not a game for everyone, you see, first time I played on normal, finished stage 1, it was like “Take it easy!”, closed the game and played on Lunatic, died on 1º enemy… I got a really large smug-face, “Shit just got serious”. Thanks for reading all this and happy dying. (´・ω・`)

You can request albums and other doujin works, I just not guarantee any success, however.
~ Vi

The Good

  1. Excellent controls (+ controller support)
  2. Interesting and unique concepts
  3. Lightweight dialogues // (very touhouish, for me)
  4. Well done systems and gimmicks
  5. Very challenging
  6. 30+ hours of gameplay
  7. A survival mode

The Bad

  1. Ripped graphics and music
  2. Small screen resolution
  3. Story is a little weak
  4. It’s a Windows-only game
  5. Very unfair for the inexperienced


  • There is a MOD that enable unplayable characters, but I recommend that you finish the base game first.
  • The game official languages are French and English, but there is an unofficial PT-BR (Portuguese) translation.

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