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Operating System : Android 1.6 or Later
Disk : 15 MB of space
Permissions : Screen Lock | Network Access | View Network Connections | Vibration | Prevent Sleeping


東方氷精目覚・~トウホウチルノアラーム~ “Touhou Cirno Alarm” was a mobile Alarm app developed by NEC BIGLOBE Inc. which released back in 2013 and distributed via the Google Playstore for USD 6.00, Gaining over 5.000 installation and getting a 4.7 Star rating by more than 126 reviewers, Unfortunately, the app was discontinued and its store page was taken down later in 2015. (you could still view it from the Web Archives)

The Alarm was developed following the success of IOSYS’ Cirno’s Perfect Math Class and could be seen featuring artworks from said Album and its successors. The alarm also features the voice of miko,
Yes, that miko: the vocalist which has contributed into many Touhou Doujin Music.


The app contains 30 Perfectly recorded voice of Our favorite Fairy, Cirno (CV:miko) To wake you up!
Maybe by waking up to her voice, you could become as smart as the genius Cirno, who knows?~

There are a total of 3 modes you could choose,
Lovey Dovey Mode a mode where Cirno acts like your Sister/Lover/etc
Baka Mode if you feel like to wake up to her Original Baka-Self voice
Tsundere Mode Do i really need to explain this?? Find the definition yourself!.. b-baka! /////

You could also set an image of her for Your Alarm, Snooze, and Awake screen!
Each image comes with 3 Voice lines played at random!

This app’s voices are all Japanese. (Although some part of the UI is english)
If you can not understand in Japanese, you might not want to install it.
But it’s Cirno!
Who could say no to the strongest ice fairy Cirno??

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