Area-ZERO – Touhou Sky Arena -MATSURI-

東方スカイアリーナ・幻想郷空戦姫 -MATSURI-

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Minimal Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7 / Intel Core2Duo 2.00GHz or better / GeForce 8800 (512MB VRAM) or better

Touhou Sky Arena -MATSURI- is a 3D arena fighting game by Area-ZERO.
This title is a patch to combine Touhou Sky Arena -HAYATE- and Touhou Sky Arena -KURENAI- into one bigger game. WARNING: You need both games installed before installing MATSURI.

Fight dramatic battles in the sky! With “Fired-Up Battle System”, your character abilities, and how hard they hit, are dictated by the background music, so pay attention to them.

“Spirit Orb System” let you fine-tune your abilities.

New single-player mode: “Sky Adventure”.

Up to 4 players can battle it out in local or network play.

A total of 18 characters available, all with 2 spell types each: Reimu, Marisa, Cirno, Sakuya, Youmu, Alice, Suwako, Utsuho, Flandre, Suika, Mokou, Reisen, Aya, Sanae, Koishi, Tenshi, Kogasa, and Nue.

A total of 58 Touhou arrange songs available for your battle.

Steps to install Touhou Sky Arena -MATSURI-

  1. Install Touhou Sky Arena -HAYATE-
  2. Update Touhou Sky Arena -HAYATE- to version 1.58
  3. Install Touhou Sky Arena -KURENAI-
  4. Update Touhou Sky Arena -KURENAI- to version 1.58
  5. Run the patcher for Touhou Sky Arena -MATSURI-, provided below.
  6. Make sure that the config has both game’s path.Open TSAConfig application in either game’s folder.Open “ゲーム” (Game) tab.Ensure that “疾風パス” (Hayate path) is pointing to Hayate install directory. If not, press 選択 and choose the directory.Ensure that “紅パス” (Kurenai path) is pointing to Kurenai install directory. If not, press 選択 and choose the directory.Press “Save” (保存).

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Matsuri Patch v1.58 – Official Area-ZERO


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