We’re continuing to push forward! meet OtakuSync v1.9

OtakuSync v1.9 is the biggest improvements we ever done on our development history.

First of all, you might noticed that our site have been down for some weeks. We really sorry for it, we got several unexpected problems within our site before we could prepares this version to launch. Again, we are grateful to have used Tap Managed WordPress Hosting as our webhoster; They’ve solved our site’s previous problems and make our lovable site goes online once more!

This time we have made an extremely huge backend changes for long-term solution against bugs from previous build, at the same time we improved our UX for any visitors on our site!

Instead of using default way to use WordPress post editor which usually requires you to understand about proper way for creating a decent post (that doesn’t break our frontend elements), we now featured our new and simpler way to share your favorite doujin works. If you’d like to learn more about it, please check out our updated post creation guidelines, especially the “content management” part.

OtakuSync team is bringing a host of new features to our visitors and members with this latest update, here is the list:

All OtakuSync v1.9 improvements in a nutshell

  • Redefined post processing algorithm, handle almost all errors for submitted posts.
  • UX improvement on visual and text editor to significantly reduces post (and page) editor’s learning curves.
  • New supported post categories: Doujinshi, Doujin Game.
  • Allowed more than 1 category for each post, maximum 2 categories chosen.
  • Header access menu navigation for tablet and mobile devices.
  • Updated navigation menu, donation button, FAQ documentation (General and Member FAQ), and post creation guidelines.
  • Several user interface improvements.
  • Several minor tweaks and fixes.

Many thanks to any staffs who speeds up our migration process and helping us to deliver these exciting new things on our site.

We also happily announce that OtakuSync now supports a large variants of Doujin works to share! Enjoy our new features, feedback are welcomed as always



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