OtakuSync migrated! We’re back online

OtakuSync now has been migrated to the new Web Hosting! We also added some improvements on our site

At 8th February 2016, we finally migrated to the new web hosting due to old webhost’s IP block and resource limits. Our old Web Hosting gives us a very limited process usage, and it’s really annoying for us because it’s means our site can’t be accessed by 2 visitors at the same time. (WordPress need much resource usage to run, all WordPress dev knows that)
Thanks to staff from Tap. for help us migrating otakusync! We got friendly and great response from these kind staffs.

As we can see, the domain is changed from otakusync.x10host.com to otakusync.thisistap.com.
If you access the old domain (otakusync.x10host.com), that domain will directing to our new domain (otakusync.thisistap.com). I hope this is enough to make our visitors know the location of our new domain.

Besides, we also improved our contents formatting, and layouts bugs. Plus, we fixed our resources bloat whose eats web server’s disk space.

For notice, OtakuSync is still a new site, we doesn’t have large list of content yet.
We’ll keep this site updated as best we can.. Please white list our website from your adblock ^^ We try to provide you the best experience from exploring our content, so we don’t (and never) gives you annoying ads.

That’s all,



Our site is accessible worldwide, please write only in English.