Meet OtakuSync V2, step up the game.

OtakuSync v2 is finally here! As you can see, we’ve shown our excitement to the world and we’re ready to see how v2 will change the game between Indie communities. We also proudly claim ourselves to be the first Doujin-Sharing site that offers Flexibility on creating, sharing, and managing your favorite indie works or even your own works. We’re not limiting our community from providing whatever information they want included, but copyright owners can also write infringement notice on posts they willing to restrict, to respect their works.

OtakuSyncV2 is a total rewrite, I don’t think we need any more description about how many changes have been made. So what are you waiting for? let’s start exploring the site, there are so many exciting things awaiting to be discovered! 🙂

Keep in mind that OtakuSync has been independently crafted by Calmirage himself since 2016, there’s lots of ways to contribute to the site. If you’d like to spare some hands, please check out our OtakuSync Translation Program and help bring the excitement to your language, or support us via Ko-fi. And if you don’t? understandable, have a nice day.

Big moment, cheers!



Our site is accessible worldwide, please write only in English.