Hi OtakuSync!

Finally we have releases the blog site, OtakuSync!

This site does not use annoying ads such as pop-ups, so you can white-list us on your browser’s ad-block. ^^ (please)

First of all we will try to share some album along with several anime and fanime, maybe we will perform these activities in long period of time. And of course we need your support to make this blog site running! You can contribute by giving us a/an contribution post, or provide criticism and suggestions at the content that found on the blog.

There’s chatbox in our site which allows you get in touch with us and other guests who browsing at the our site. Don’t be too formal, but don’t be so rude. 🙂

Keep in mind that the site is still new, there’s still few content we share at this time. If you find some bug, do not hesitate to notify us on our chatbox.
Have fun!



Our site is accessible worldwide, please write only in English.