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wowaka (ヲワカ), also known as Genjitsutouhi-P (現実逃避P), stemming from his video descriptions that «sometimes it’s good to escape from reality.», debuted in May 2009. At time of his debut he explained that he was a beginner at creating songs. However, many people believed his songs were of good quality from the start.

In 2011 he formed the band hitorie and remained active there. On August 22, 2017, he returned to VOCALOID with «Unknown Mother-Goose».

On April 5, 2019, he died of heart failure at the age of 31.

アンハッピーリフレイン (Unhappy Refrain) is Genjitsutouhi-P’s first full-length album. The album contains 21 tracks, split into 2 discs. Disc 1 features 14 tracks, all sung by Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka. Disc 2 features 7 tracks that are remixes of the tracks in disc 1. Source

Disc 1

  1. アンハッピーリフレイン
  2. ローリンガール
  3. 積み木の人形
  4. 僕のサイノウ
  5. 日常と地球の額縁
  6. 6テノヒラ
  7. とおせんぼ
  8. ラインアート
  9. 裏表ラバーズ
  10. グレーゾーンにて。
  11. ずれていく
  12. リバシブルドール
  13. ワールズエンド・ダンスホール
  14. プリズムキューブ

Disc 2

  1. 裏表ラバーズ (Ura-omote Lovers) (reverse Edge mix) by キャプテンミライ
  2. とおせんぼ (Toosenbo) (remix) by acane_madder
  3. ローリンガール (Rolling Girl) (remix) by acane_madder
  4. 僕のサイノウ (Boku no Sainou) (dnb mix) by とくP feat.pagodes
  5. 積み木の人形 (Tsumiki no Ningyou) (rnb mix) by とくP feat.pagodes
  6. ずれていく (Zureteiku) (postrock mix) by whoo
  7. ワールズエンド・ダンスホール (World’s End Dancehall) (dexholic mix) by Dixie Flatline

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