TUMENECO – genmu

現夢 (Dream and Reality)

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A special doujin novel. It features Maribel and Renko’s story told in a very dark tone and atmosphere. From the combined efforts of the circles Iyokan(doujinshi) and TUMENECO(music), they bring to you this very masterpiece. Both circles well known and considerably talented in their respective domains.

Tracklist Disc 1 歌

  1. 現夢-genmu-
  2. オーバードリーム
  3. If you’re my destiny,end this fated determination
  4. 夢結び
  5. アルファルド
  6. G.U.G
  7. 風祝夢想曲
  8. 感情と忘却の咆哮
  9. このゆびとまれ
  10. 境界線のプロトコル
  11. 希望の閃光
  12. うつつのゆめ

Tracklist Disc 2 曲

  1. 現夢-genmu-inst ver
  2. aubade
  3. 虚飾の力、その果てに
  4. 夢結び
  5. アルファルドinst ver
  6. G.U.G aoi&maeless ver
  7. 風祝夢想曲(instrumetal ver)
  8. 感情と忘却の咆哮(ver.piano)
  9. このゆびとまれ(offvocal)
  10. 反復系でフラクタル
  11. 希望の閃光 Guitar EDIT.
  12. ウツツノユメ

MoriyaShrine Source’s contents included

  1. 6 chapters for the main story
  2. 2 subchapters as supplementary side stories
  3. A BGM collection for listening to while reading
  4. A bonus album 現夢 (Genmu) from TUMENECO.
  5. An introductory video for the doujin work.

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