Touhou Falling Sleep Tale 7 ~Enveloped in Rain Sounds with Kogasa~

東方入眠抄7 〜小傘ちゃんと雨の音に包まれて〜

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The seventh voice CD 「東方入眠抄」 for sleeping sounds!
By combining the healing effect of the sound of rain and the hypnotic effect of hemisynch,
We invite you to rest in peace and have a good night’s sleep.

* We have introduced encoding with the highest sound quality of 320kbps from this work.
* This work has added hypnotic sound effect by hemi-sync technique to the audio track. Not for those who suffer from above effects.


  1. 注意事項
  2. タイトルコール
  3. 出会い
  4. 催眠導入
  5. 小傘と雨
  6. 安眠誘導

Bonus Tracks

  1. 未確認液状降下物、即ち通り雨Original: 夜空のユーフォーロマンス
  2. 雨、残滓、春の嵐、記憶Original: 閉ざせし雲の通い路

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