Toranoana – Touhou Gensoukyou UROBOROS Vol.2 ~fAIRYtAILoVERdRIVE~

東方幻奏響uroboros弐 ~fAIRYtAILoVERdRIVE~

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You may seen some ‘already-released’ track from those circles in this album. There also a lot of new tracks here. All contents from Disc 4-6 is already released by specified doujin circles, if you hate duplicate-contents in your music collection stay away from Disc 4-6.

Tracklist CD 1 :

  1. Not 見せかけ [BUTAOTOME]
  2. Day dreamers [TUMENECO]
  3. Addicted [Sally]
  4. vita [Attrielectrock]
  5. Eternal [Rokugen Alice]
  6. Wonderful life! [Tennenjemini]
  7. Chase Me, Catch Me! [SOUND HOLIC]
  8. It starts at the end [IOSYS]
  9. 幻想の可憐乙女 ~Lotus Girls~ [R-Note]
  10. サクラサヨナラ [Sound CYCLONE]
  11. Defiler(s) [Diao ye zong]
  12. 陽炎 [MOFUYA]
  13. 不滅のFACT [Akatsuki Records]
  14. Ultimate Sky [C-CLAYS]
  15. Poker Face [Honey Pocket]
  16. 幻想郷のオワリの物語 [TAMUSIC]

Tracklist CD 2 :

  1. こいしい こころ [Forestpireo]
  2. 4 [monochrome-coat]
  3. サカサノコイゴコロ [Crest]
  4. 深海の果て [White Elephant]
  5. 幻想鏡 [Silver Forest]
  7. 逆説的肯定オーギュメント [Seventh-Heaven MAXION]
  8. 現世コラプス [Shinigiwa Satellite]
  9. まっしろな雪 [Halozy]
  10. Indigo True [KONEKODAKKAIYA]
  11. Purgatory garden [Mizonokuchi Hole Studio]
  12. Pushing you away [UNDEAD CORPORATION]
  13. 十六夜、咲く華 [A-One]
  14. Dreaming Murderer [IRON ATTACK!]
  15. raison d’etre [Crazy Berry]
  16. 我々が恋した幻想郷 [Marasy]

Tracklist CD 3 :

  1. わかさぎ印のさしみちゃん [Innocent Key]
  2. ハナグモリ [Minstrel]
  3. アマノジャクリバース feat. ytr [TAMAONSEN]
  4. Border of my love [EastNewSound]
  5. locus [kairo]
  8. アンデュレイション.バレット [Riverside]
  9. ange malicieux [AdamKadmon]
  10. 数え歌うは蜘蛛の足 [MISTY RAIN]
  11. ひと肌くらいの熱 [Yuuhei Satellite]
  12. 刻の迷い子 [Register6]
  13. Melty Wind [FELT]
  14. 恋のMelody [DiGiTAL WiNG]
  15. Bloody Rain [cordelia]
  16. 夢殿の新天地 [O-LIFE.JP]

Tracklist CD 4 :

  1. 幻想のサテライト [BUTAOTOME]
  2. wish to the moon [Poplica*]
  3. CarryOn [Sally]
  4. どれきはのま [Crazy Berry]
  5. Again -Refined Mix- [Crest]
  6. 守るべきもの [Rokugen Alice]
  7. カゲロウ [Akatsuki Records]
  8. Bloody Rose ~闇と血の華~ [KONEKODAKKAIYA]
  9. Don’t Break Me Down [A-One]
  10. その影法師、幼さを残して -Remix- [Minstrel]
  11. Overflow (KaNa Remix) [Silver Forest]
  12. Aisya -ye ru amma-(refine mix) [Riverside]
  13. All This Time [FELT]
  14. 白刃散華 -Refined Mix- [Register6]
  15. チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室 [IOSYS]

Tracklist CD 5 :

  1. 恋ノ蟲 [cordelia]
  2. 星の器 feat. らっぷびと [TAMAONSEN]
  3. Minstrel ~世界を謡う、悲しき音色~ [Mizonokuchi Hole Studio]
  4. 星を廻せ月より速く -Refined Mix- [TUMENECO]
  5. 氷結娘 -Refined Mix- [R-Note]
  6. Star Dust [IRON ATTACK!]
  7. オレンジデイズ [monochrome-coat]
  8. Adore Your Pain [UNDEAD CORPORATION]
  9. Take to Re-PS -Refined Mix- [Sound CYCLONE]
  10. Twinkle Twinkle Eclipce [GET IN THE RING]
  11. 月まで届け [forestpireo]
  12. 愁嘆テレグノシス [Seventh-Heaven MAXION]
  13. 本当のキモチ [MOFUYA]
  14. TAO DRIVE -Refined Mix- [MISTY RAIN]

Tracklist CD 6 :

  1. 桜風花 [AdamKadmon]
  2. Dreamy&Spacy [Honey Pocket]
  3. S.A.T.O.R.A.R.E (UROBOROS EDIT) [Halozy]
  4. Un Cafe Chic Record (2014 du Cafe’mix) [Attrielectrock]
  5. pray [kairo]
  6. 小悪魔りんご [Yuuhei Satellite]
  7. Miracle! Endless! summer time! [Tennenjemini]
  8. So what [MISTERYCIRCLE]
  9. Kill The Night [SOUND HOLIC]
  10. GOLD – 2014 Refined Mix feat. Itori [ZYTOKINE]
  11. 追憶Infinity -Op.14 Ver.- [C-CLAYS]
  12. 紅凰優楼 [EastNewSound]
  13. 桜華ヴァルプルギスナハト [White Elephant]
  14. 東方楼蘭 ~変態天狗と悲劇の乙女達~ [Innocent Key]

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