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Tôhô Rocking n Surfing

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Tangentg’s second Touhou arrangement album, featuring instrumental tracks. There are a few original tracks (the LRRH Improv tracks) and 2 non-Touhou arrangement tracks (One Len’en arrangement and one public domain music). A number of the tracks are in the surf rock genre, and there is one in organ-trio/quartet-styled jazz. This is intended as a downloadable complement to Tangentg’s tracks that have been posted on their Soundcloud and Youtube, with some bonus tracks.

Soundcloud listen (a few tracks absent):


  1. Waves are For the Surfers
  2. Lullaby of a Deserted Beach
  3. Doll Judgement/Marisa Stole the Precious ThingIncludes rearrangement of Marisa Stole the Precious Thing by IOSYS/ARM.
  4. Inchling of the Space Castle
  5. Don’t Stop Revivin’
  6. A Kíu-mhí-ghū’s Necrofantasy
  7. Monad 2 ~ Memory ForgeryLen’en Project arrangement. Composed by JynX.
  8. Beloved Tomboy
  9. Futatsuiwa from Sado (piano arrange live)
  10. Sloop John BPublic domain music arrangement.
  11. Touhou Plus Joke Medley 2014Fault with the source file means part of the end is silent.
  12. LRRH Improv – OpeningTracks 12-23 are original improvised tracks.
  13. LRRH Improv – Mother’s Request
  14. LRRH Improv – Riding Hood’s Theme
  15. LRRH Improv – Forest of Wonder
  16. LRRH Improv – The Wolf’s Theme
  17. LRRH Improv – The Wolf Races Riding Hood Through the Forest
  18. LRRH Improv – Who is it
  19. LRRH Improv – What Big Eyes You Have
  20. LRRH Improv – The Lumberjack’s Theme
  21. LRRH Improv – All the Better to Eat You With & the Fight
  22. LRRH Improv – Safe at Last
  23. LRRH Improv – Ending

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