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Against the Regulation

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Touhou Kouromu 12 release
Catalog Number: SWAM-05
Event Price: 1500 JPY
Shop Price: 2000 JPY

A Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Red and White only arrange album

Tracklist Disc 1 (Side Red)

  1. 蓮鳳蝶Genre: RockArrange: ちぇあ
  2. Dichromatic SkyGenre: Hard TranceArrange: Crossworld
  3. Paranormal trickGenre: Post RockArrange: YNY
  4. City CruisingGenre: Jazz HouseArrange: おちんぽ
  5. A Calm ShrineGenre: TechnoArrange: よこち
  6. Collective ConsciousnessGenre: Melodic Speed MetalArrange: しゅがー
  7. びーるれんかちょうGenre: Bossa NovaArrange: エンツ
  8. 雨上がりの空にGenre: ChiptuneArrange: rednux
  9. アンティーク・ジャズ神社Genre: JazzArrange: じんぞう
  10. ジンジャ・エール ~ Kansha YellGenre: HIPHOPArrange: MimosineVocal: flower,音街ウナLyrics: Mimosine
  11. Greyish DaysGenre: DowntempoArrange: laple
  12. 宇◯刑事シャ◯バン神社Genre: 特撮Arrange: GCHM
  13. Quiet lasairGenre: SoundtrackArrange: XRCreate
  14. オリエントレジドゥー ~ 紅白の胡蝶Genre: Touhou-likeArrange: sou1

Tracklist Disc 2 (Side White)

  1. 二色蓮花蝶 -HARD CORE MIX-Genre: Drum’n’HardcoreArrange: Yuyuta
  2. FLUTTER TO COLORSGenre: Bigroom HouseArrange: lex
  3. I am meGenre: RockArrange: ばかもの
  4. Dreamy Notable ButterflyGenre: Liquid FunkArrange: falcon
  5. Power系巫女Genre: HardstyleArrange: 如水
  6. Color of birth, color of deathGenre: RockArrange: 徒桜
  7. 黒紅と君影草Genre: instrumentalArrange: Plusten
  8. ほのぼの神社境内.MGenre: ほのぼの幻想的音楽Arrange: あぶらあげ
  9. Butterfly SwingGenre: 30’s French JazzArrange: テキーラ伯爵
  10. SSSGenre: Surf RockArrange: のえいーの
  11. Heal-RenkachoGenre: Easy ListeningArrange: あんにゅい
  12. 二色蓮花蝶Genre: Hard RockArrange: Ezel-Ash
  13. IndichroismGenre: Triplex HardcoreArrange: Se-U-Ra

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