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When the sun is bright and the morning dew sparkles like the stars in the sky… Everything is SAWAYAKA.


  1. 星空の見える丘でOriginal Song: A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander / At the End of Spring (Touhou Seirensen)Arrange: CielaViolin: RocoPiano/Drum Pad/Programming: Ciela
  2. The Sunlight and the Morning DewOriginal Song: Because Princess Inada is Scolding Me / A God That Misses People ~ Romantic Fall (Touhou Fuujinroku)Arrange: Sakana NakazakoLyrics/Vocals: RenkoChorus: Roverta, DominyanElectric Bass/Piano/Gemshorns(S. A.)/Bouzouki/Mandolin/Glockenspiel/Sleigh Bells: Sakana NakazakoFlute: ChabatakeCajon: YAMADAViolin: RocoViola: 白井Cello: Koin Kikuichi8 Strings Ukulele: 日柳鉄平
  3. Drive on DOriginal Song: Desire Drive (Touhou Shinreibyou)Arrange: Sakana NakazakoRhodes/Classical Guitar/Drum Pad: CielaBassoon/Recorders(S. A. T. B. Gb.)/Electric Bass/Triangle/Toy Pianos: Sakana NakazakoFlute: ChabatakeTrumpet: kainViolin: RocoViola: 白井Cello: Koin KikuichiChorus: Roverta, Dominyan
  4. チルノちゃんおめでとうOriginal Song: Mysterious Purification Rod / Mist Lake (Touhou Kishinjou)Arrange: Sakana NakazakoFlute: ChabatakeViolin: RocoViola: 白井Cello: Koin KikuichiRecorders(T. Gb.)/Bodhrán/Spring Drum/Finger Cymbals: Sakana Nakazako
  5. Into the LakeOriginal Song: Native Faith (Touhou Fuujinroku)Arrange: CielaRecorders(S. A. T. Gb)/Triangle: Sakana NakazakoClassical Guitar/Drum Pad: Ciela
  6. LissajousOriginal Song: Last Remote (Touhou Chireiden)Arrange: CielaPiano: CielaCajon: YAMADA
  7. La verdeOriginal Song: Green-Eyed Jealousy (Touhou Chireiden)Arrange: CielaViolin: RocoViola: 白井Cello: Koin Kikuichi
  8. 夏色の結晶Original Song: Crystallized Silver (Touhou Youyoumu)Arrange: Sakana NakazakoLyrics: 神威-JTVocals: RovertaCello: Koin KikuichiFlute: ChabatakeViolin: Roco8 Strings Ukulele: 日柳鉄平Bouzouki: Sakana NakazakoCajon/Shaker: YAMADAChorus/Claps: Everyone who was in the studio that day
  9. The Sunlight and the Morning Dew – カラオケ
  10. 夏色の結晶 – カラオケ
  11. 夏色の結晶 – インスト

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