Kogasa Tatara’s Super Sleeping Together Realism “SSR”


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Earl Gray produces doujin music and Touhou radio shows sung and spoken in character. They are about the girls talking to a lover or someone that they like, which is you. The whole series is very calming. I’m sure many people here would enjoy it when they feel a bit sad and alone, sometimes. Just remember that they don’t replace a real girlfriend as Earl Grey jokingly implies.

■ Tatara Kogasa’s SSR! (Super Sleeping Realism)
(SSR Series 01)
CV. Chinami Hashimoto (橋本ちなみ)


Tatara Kogasa’s Voice CD!
A binaurally recorded audio CD featuring a realistic sleeping together experience with Kogasa Tatara of Touhou Project.
Enjoy her soft calming voice.
Would you like to spend a wonderful time with Kogasa?
The vocal song 隠れ傘 sung by kogasa herself is a must-hear!


  1. 『忘れ傘はいりませんか?』
  2. 『お困りの添い寝もの』
  3. 『愉快で不憫なエピローグ』

Bonus Tracks

  1. 隠れ傘Vocal
  2. 隠れ傘Minus One

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