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Yousei Kitan (妖精奇譚, Fairy’s Mysterious Story) is a doujin album by Floating Cloud released on 2016-12-29 (Comiket 91). It features instrumental and vocal arrangements of themes from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom, Imperishable Night, Shoot the Bullet, Mountain of Faith, Touhou Hisoutensoku, Fairy Wars and Neo-traditionalism of Japan.

Track list

  1. 好奇心arrangement: Toshimasaoriginal title: 年中夢中の好奇心
  2. 蛍狩りarrangement: Escarmeworiginal title: ラクトガール ~ 少女密室
  3. 記者は走るarrangement: てりー@LDMToriginal title: 東の国の眠らない夜
  4. 堂々巡りarrangement: さわら & Toshimasaoriginal title: 厄神様の通り道 ~ Dark Road
  5. 幕間~遠野紀行arrangement: みつみつるoriginal title: 遠野幻想物語
  6. 妖精のいる風景arrangement: Toshimasaoriginal title: 人形のある風景
  7. 探求少女の物語arrangement: Toshimasaoriginal title: アガルタの風
  8. 悠久の紅魔館arrangement: Toshimasa & Miyabioriginal title: 亡き王女の為のセプテット
  9. 雪解けの音arrangement: Toshimasaoriginal title: ほおずきみたいに紅い魂
  10. 縁日arrangement: みつみつるoriginal title: 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日


  • ArrangementToshimasaEscarmew (Casket)てりー@LDMTさわらみつみつるMiyabi
  • LyricsYu-ki (Track 7)
  • Vocalsさわら (Track 7)
  • Jacket Illustrationneme
  • Jacket Design鈴鹿紗弓
  • MixingToshimasaてりー@LDMT
  • Masteringあにー

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