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Rebirth Story 4

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FELT is a music group / circle that likely release a lot of musics in ambient, pop, and electronic genre. Primarily Touhou. Good friends with Renko (who provides English lyrics) of ORANGE★JAM, 発熱巫女~ず, and ZYTOKINE.

Rebirth Story4 is a compilation album, featuring songs from previous FELT albums. A total of 29 songs including 2(?) new releases, and 2 remix music pieces.

Tracklist DISC 1 Ruby

  2. Free to Believe
  4. Oblivion
  5. Goodbye
  6. our song
  7. To you
  8. pulse
  10. Future Will Lead
  11. The Ray of Light
  12. Tayuta
  13. breathless
  14. Time and Again [BYPT Deep memories REMIX]
  15. find the light

Tracklist DISC 2 Sapphire

  1. Falling in Love Again
  2. Faith
  4. Phantom
  5. Rendezvous
  6. Stellar Flower
  7. Different Kind of Love
  8. Time and again
  9. Ethereal
  10. Unknown Road
  11. KARUHA
  12. Reverberation
  13. Goodbye [Eris’s Kinetic Emotion mix]
  14. Dreamin’

New Tracks

  2. Time and again [BYPT Deep memories REMIX]
  3. Falling in Love Again
  4. Goodbye [Eris’s Kinetic Emotion mix]
  5. Dreamin’

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CalmirageD88’s Source

SolidFiles (276MB – 320kbps) [All Discs]

SolidFiles (136.1MB – 320kbps) [Disc 1 Ruby]

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SolidFiles (193.3MB – special contents + postcard special)

SolidFiles (8.6MB – postcard special)

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Mega (136.1MB – 320kbps) [Disc 1 Ruby]

Mega (143.4MB – 320kbps) [Disc 2 Sapphire]

DoujinStyle Source

Mega (952.4MB – FLAC + log + scans) [All Discs]

Mega (193.3MB – special contents + postcard special)

9tensu Source

VK Yandex Disk (134.6MB – 320kbps) [Disc 1 Ruby]

VK Yandex Disk (142.1MB – 320kbps) [Disc 2 Sapphire]

VK (147MB – special contents)

VK Doujin Music Source

VK (133.9MB – 320kbps) [Disc 1 Ruby]

VK (141.3MB – 320kbps) [Disc 2 Sapphire]

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Mega (276MB – 320kbps) [All Discs]

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