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Digital Wing activity is focused on dance music touhou arranges. It can be trance, it can be rave, it can be eurobeat, it can be something else. Most of the albums are packed with female vocals (雨宿どみ乃, 花たん, ななひら, peЯoco., あき, 3L and so on), but you can also find vocal-less versions or albums that don’t have these in the first place.


  1. Headed for
  2. SUNLiGHT WiNGVocal: 空音Lyrics: くまりすArrange: Tsukasa原曲: 狂気の瞳 ~ Invisible Full Moon
  3. 二つのキズナVocal: 空音Lyrics: ACTRock(イノライ)Arrange: ACTRock(イノライ)原曲: 今宵は飄逸なエゴイスト ~ Egoistic Flowers.
  4. 目隠しピヱロVocal: 花たんLyrics: tilt-sixArrange: tilt-six原曲: 少女綺想曲 ~ Dream Battle
  5. DIDVocal: 雨宿 どみ乃Lyrics: 隣人Arrange: 隣人原曲: 亡失のエモーション
  6. Ambience SquareVocal: あやぽんず*(森羅万象)Lyrics: くまりすArrange: Ruffnecky原曲: 魔法少女達の百年祭
  7. AntenoraVocal: 空音Lyrics: 黒岩サトシArrange: MK(Fenmie Music)原曲: 凍り付いた永遠の都
  8. One more timeVocal: 花たんLyrics: 海兎Arrange: katsu原曲: さくらさくら ~ Japanize Dream…
  9. Now and in the futureVocal: 空音Lyrics: 海兎Arrange: crouka原曲: 春の湊に

Staff List

  • cao.(*PetitBrain)Desingner
  • 雨音くるみBooklet Illustrator
  • 山崎剛史Mastering

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