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Canoue is a unit composed by:

霜月はるか (Shimotsuki Haruka) a soprano, composer and singer-songwriter whose style is mostly inspired by neoclassical, new age and folk music. She was born in the Miyagi prefecture, Touhoku, Japan.
She mainly performs theme songs and image songs for video games and, recently, has also performed a few themes for Anime series. She has released several singles and albums so far.

MANYO (まにょっ), a visual-novel soundtrack composer. His real name is Tomomi Teratani.

日山尚 (Hiyama Nao) as lyricist.

[VOCAL] Disc 1

  1. 涙降る大地 ※新曲
  2. 錆び往く禍の城
  3. 翼の仔
  4. 氷の魔女は眠る
  5. 滅びに吹く風
  6. レト〜女王の唇は語る〜
  7. 禁忌を覗いた竜
  8. 或る辺境の物語
  9. いつか君に届く手紙
  10. 変わりゆくもの
  11. 紅き炎の行方
  12. 蒼き祠の伝承
  13. 君がくれた奇跡
  14. 星はいつか ※新曲


  1. 兆し
  2. 竜と少女
  3. 剣の記憶
  4. 観測者
  5. 剣の刻む記憶
  6. 覚醒めざめ
  7. 祈りの村
  8. canoue chronicleII〜双星の書〜
  9. canoue chronicleII〜琥珀の書〜
  10. canoue chronicleII〜紫電の書〜

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