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    Alstroemeria Records is well known for its compilations containing remixes of music from the Touhou Project series of doujin games. Discography by this circle always starts off with a short intro to set the mood of the album and always ends its albums with an original composition.

    Amateras Records is Touhou arrangement circle owned by Tracy. Produce dance and pop doujin musics.


    1. Ancient [Tracy Remix]原曲:東方妖々夢 – 東方妖々夢 〜Ancient TempleVocal:Mei AyakuraRemix:TracyLyric:Haruka
    2. Despair [ALR Remix]原曲:東方星蓮船 – 法界の火Vocal:築山さえRemix:Masayoshi MinoshimaLyric:築山さえ
    3. Arcadia [Tracy Remix]原曲:東方幻想郷 – Arcadian DreamVocal:mican*Remix:TracyLyric:Haruka
    4. MinaMo [ALR Remix]原曲:東方星蓮船 – キャプテン・ムラサVocal:KUMI(ヲタみん)Remix:Masayoshi MinoshimaLyric:海兎

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