Founded and crafted independently by Abimanyu C. Putra (also well-known as CalmirageD88) since November 2015, and released to the public on January 18th, 2016, We present you a trustworthy and lightweight site dedicated to bringing the best possible user experience for searching and browsing any indie works which are provided by our community. OtakuSync itself is a community-driven site, which is especially made to share and manage your favorite or even your own indie works.

OtakuSync Community

We are a passionate community and we love this kind of stuff. OtakuSync was made from many years of content browsing experience, especially indie works. Using WordPress as our platform, we have unlocked the possibilities for any user in managing their lovely indie works without limiting them from providing whatever they want to include. A freedom of choice.

The Team

We were established in 2016, and have continued to grow over the time. We enjoy spending our own time, especially doing something that is helpful for this community.

papiCal Founder
Chiberia Moderator
Frederika Bernkastel Verified
Xpazym Verified
Xenothetic Verified
Elomare Head Moderator
Red. H Verified
Notlone Verified
Debaa Verified
Stollenbold Verified
Beng-beng Tsukumo Verified
-main (Radiant) Verified
Dan Verified
Brogrammist Verified
Hato Verified
Atomix10 Moderator
Hiroka Akita Verified
GP416 Verified
shigerumi Verified
Re2 Verified
Vi Verified
zeroluck Verified
RustySoul Verified
MidnightMantis Verified
Tark Verified
モウフ Verified
GeGeGeccc Verified
KKgames Verified
uwuuuuuuuuu Verified
creamyriko Verified
Thanks Verified
nyaasar Verified
Kadzuki Komeiji Verified
Tangentg Verified
innam Verified
ah12068 Verified
kitxu Verified
rumia_channel Verified
subarashiki Verified
SaurianSavior Verified
natheraf Verified
Daegnor Verified
ravioli_monster Verified

Translation Team

These are the people who bring translated languages to life and make other people around the world understand us better.

papiCal English, Indonesian translator
Contributor dummy Indonesian translator
Elomare Indonesian translator
9Tensai9 Spanish; Castilian translator
shigerumi English, Indonesian translator
Tark Portuguese translator
hvvno Chinese translator
kitxu Spanish; Castilian translator
mynus01 Portuguese translator

Wall of Thanks

A special list dedicated to all members who have supported OtakuSync financially or non-financially. Some of the following folks have been generous enough to pledge us through Ko-fi and make it possible to run this site for much longer.

9Tensai9 Member
_Marisa_LO Member
Cruces I.V.F Member
Adjectified Member
kitxu Verified
mynus01 Member
kat666 Member