OtakuSync has advanced content management facilities and technologies to ensure all its members enjoy the most lovable site for indie goodies.

Multilingual Support

Reach a wider range of people around the world that might find your contributions helpful. OtakuSync supports multiple languages to help you explore and share indie works easily.

Search Quickly

You can get to the right content quickly. Just type on your keyboard and browse our site for a faster searching experience. Try it for yourself!

Bandwidth Saver

We compress the size of all our stored images and feature a dynamic site exploring experience, providing a lightweight and clean user-interface in return.

Manage Favorites

Each OtakuSync member can add their favorite indie works. The list will be displayed on their profile page and can be used to share with others.

For Publishing

Take indie sharing to the Next Level

Flexible and Rich

We have unlocked the possibility for any user to manage their lovely indie works without limiting them from providing whatever they want to include.

Easier Editing Experience

To help users manage their posts easily on the go, we feature our own post editor for easier editing experience which stays simple and works perfectly on every smart device.

Instant Exposure

All your published posts will be promoted through our social media accounts to help immediately spread your lovables in no time!

Copyright Friendly

Easy-to-use disclaimer system on each post makes OtakuSync very friendly for every authorized representative or copyright owner.

Link Ownership and Popularity

Everyone gets to track how popular their link submission is, all you need to do is only provide the links within your post and that's it!

For Moderation (Insider only)

We expect the activity list to keep growing! Take care of everything, you won't miss anything important.

Enhanced Taxonomy Management

To ensure the best experience to any visitor and prevent any unwanted activity from other members, we feature our own management flow.

24/7 Site Monitoring

Site activities are clearly recorded to strengthen security and help identify any suspicious activity. (we respect your privacy, no sensitive data is collected)

Supporters Only (only as low as 1 Ko-fi / month!)

OtakuSync supporters will get these new features in addition to every features they already had before.

Custom Profile Picture

Pick custom images from a URL and set it as your profile or banner.

No Ads

No ads within the site as a bonus for supporting us.

Supporter Badge

Badges would be displayed on your post, profile, and favourites list.

Featured on Wall of Thanks

We just can't thank you enough.

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