Frequently Asked Questions

A knowledge base about OtakuSync, get the answers you need about our site.

What is OtakuSync?

OtakuSync is a community-driven site that is especially crafted to let you share and manage your favorite or even your own indie works. Find out more on about page.

What is Doujin?

Doujin is a Japanese term for self-published works, it is equivalent to Indie in English. Doujins are often the work of amateurs, though some professional artists participate as a way to publish material outside of the regular industry.


Is any R-18 / explicit content allowed on this site?

No, we are respecting our web-hoster's terms of usage. We do not allow any explicit works on our site.

How do you leave an infringement notice on a post?

We respect your copyright. Read more on disclaimer page.

How do I create a post?

OtakuSync supports Album, Fanime, Doujinshi, and Game categories. Take a look at our Post Guidelines. It explains how you can create posts on our website.

Can I create an Doujin post that already exists?

No. To prevent conflicting posts, insert your own links or editing suggestions as a comment on an existing post and see how we can help.

Can I suggest some changes to a post that isn't mine?

Yes. Please leave a comment on the specified post and see how we can help.

How do I transfer post ownership to another member?

Please leave a comment on the specified post and see how we can help.


If I become inactive, what will happen to my account?

If you have at least 2 posts published, nothing will happen to your account.

How do I change Profile and Banner pictures?

You can change it through the settings or admin area. We fetch your profile and banner picture from your connected social media accounts.

What is a Member?

"Member" is a regular user on OtakuSync, they have capabilities to:

  • Modify their collections
  • Modify their own posts
  • Modify their own profile
  • Modify their own attachments

What is Staff/Verified?

As a verified member on OtakuSync, they have a regular member's capabilities with additional abilities:

  • Access revisions
  • Create blog posts
  • Modify their own posts (approval is not required)
  • Modify unverified tags

What is a Moderator?

A chosen verified member who has the right to moderate any posts, taxonomy, and attachments on OtakuSync. They have verified member's capabilities with additional abilities:

  • Modify all posts
  • Modify all pages
  • Modify categories
  • Modify verified tags
  • Approve unverified tags
  • Modify post ownership
  • Create announcements

What is a Head Moderator?

A chosen moderator who holds primary responsibility on the site. They have moderator's capabilities with additional abilities:

  • Moderate users
  • Unproven verified tags
  • Modify site's style
  • Modify navigation menu
  • Update site's core

How can I request my account information?

You can contact us and see how we can help. Depending on our free time, this process could take 8-48 hours. We will contact you with a response to the email address associated with your OtakuSync account.


What tags are available?

We are limiting the use of tags only for events and circle names.

What are unverified tags?

Tags that are still pending approval.

What are verified tags?

Several tags that have met our guidelines and have been approved by Moderators.


No frequently asked question yet.


No frequently asked question yet.


Where does the money from this site's advertisements go to?

All the money earned from ads will be used for maintenance and server costs.

Can I place my own ads?

It depends. You can contact us and see how we can help. Please note that any users with Supporter badge can't see any of your ads.